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Woocommerce integration delivered

Date: Friday 11th February 2022

Woocommerce integration successfully developed by Medatech.​

IWhith Woocommerce you can.

  • Create products from Priority sending them to the Woocommerce product list.

  • View past order from Woocommerce in Priority sales orders.

  • If a customer cancels an order in Woocommerce, Priority sales orders will automatically be updated.

  • Receive stock updates on a schedule: the user can define how often the stock should be synchronized from Priority to Woocommerce.

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Introducing Medatech Customer Portal!

Date: Wednesday, 08th December 2021

The Medatech Customer Portal allows you to open your system to your customers, so that they can view their orders, shipments and invoices as well as create new orders. The new module is an easy to integrate plug in that will allow you to spend more time focussing on your business and less time reprinting documents or adding sales orders.

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Date: Thursday, 02nd December 2021

We are proud to announce that we are now officially ISO27001 certified!

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New Priority business partner

Date: Tuesday, 10th August 2021

A Priority Software company, Ovdimnet specializes in the development and provisioning of advanced management and control software solutions for employee attendance, employment contracts, and project monitoring. The company has rich and diverse experience in the areas of finance, information technologies, and management in both the private and public sectors. Ovdimnet's expertise and market know-how is reflected in its customer support and service, from the system specification phase (processes, job definitions, reporting & control procedures, and integration with other HR management systems), through the initial implementation phase, including employee training. This provides AttenIX-TS customers with a unique and highly-reliable and responsive system, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a secure cloud environment.

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Priority v21.1 release notes

Date: Saturday, 10th July 2021

Take a look into Priority softwares latest version, V21.1

V21.1 release notes


Medatech hosting services

Date: Tuesday, 28th September 2021

As part of its turnkey offering, Medatech provides hosting services to its customers in support of its Priority ERP implementation capabilities.
As many businesses are switching from in-house managed IT servers to the Cloud, it is imperative that users of Priority ERP solutions are 100% confident in the infrastructure behind the software.
AU-based servers are managed 24x7 to ensure uninterrupted uptime for our customers' mission-critical ERP solutions.

Whether you are looking to implement Priority ERP for the first time or you are an experienced Priority user looking to free yourself of in-house IT management responsibilities, contact our sales team to find out how we can provide you with a robust, always available IT infra-structure.

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Priority Rental Module

Date: Monday, 08th February 2021

Priority Rental module is the perfect way to run your business with all the tools in one place.

Customized to meet your needs, Priority's Equipment Rental module gives you the tools you need to manage and control your company's equipment rental process. Beyond its transformative tools and capabilities, Priority connects your departments, data, and processes, delivering precise control, clear visibility, and seamless workflows, to increase your rental equipment and services business - all from a single platform.

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Priority Mobile

Date: Tuesday, 27th July 2021

Priority's mobile ERP solutions provide system features and functionality from any mobile device or tablet.


Priority's mobile ERP solutions provide system features and functionality from any mobile device or tablet.

That means real-time access and visibility of your business operations anywhere, and at any time, an always-on mobile application, designed to meet the needs of today's always-moving workforce.
With the number of off-site employees on the rise, others dispersed around the globe in various locations, and the surge in remote working, Priority's suite of mobile ERP applications enable you and your employees to extend Priority's ERP system functionality while you're on-the-go.
At Priority, we believe that business processes should become simple to manage from remote locations as well. Plus, mobile devices can often enrich information, with the ability to detect location, take photos, and reach almost anyone, anywhere, any time. With Priority mobile ERP's automatic synchronization, changes made in the mobile app are immediately updated and synced in Priority. Our mobile solutions are built with a web-based HTML5 UI, so they can be easily accessed from various mobile devices, adjusting itself to the screen size.

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Priority German localisation

Date: Wednesday, 21st July 2021

New localization package enables customers to maximize Priority ERP for businesses in Germany and full compliance with local tax laws and banking regulations.

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Priority Italian localisation

Date: Monday, 19th July 2021

New localization package enables customers to maximize Priority ERP for businesses in Italy and full compliance with local tax laws and banking regulations

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