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How do complex manufacturers cope with standard ERP systems?

Over the years there have been many complex manufacturers that owe their competitiveness to their unique manufacturing processes but have struggled when it comes to automating via an ERP system.

Either they have stuck to the mantra of “do not customise your ERP”, or they have gone ahead and customised only to fall foul of the version-lock problem which ultimately has forced them to change systems prematurely.

One such example of manufacturing complexity is the type of business that manufactures from high-value materials that must:

a) Control tightly the stock of raw material (batch or serial traceability)

b) Maintain off-cut inventory to retain the maximum stock of those high-value materials.

We, at Medatech, have much experience of this, whether it is specialist steel production, high-value roll material (this brings its own unit of measure challenges) or special-shaped materials.

In such cases you are often faced with the challenge of producing not just a product from batch-controlled inventory but also a by-product that must be batch-controlled and stored with the rest of your stock for future use.

Firstly our Priority ERP solution has the ability to manage all such items with batch and serial number management, but secondly the inherent flexibility of the software enables the most complex scenario to be modelled without threatening any form of version-lock – true future-proofing of your business.

You don’t have to settle for a compromise

If your manufacturing business is facing these types of challenges then there is a solution that can handle these complexities and what is more Medatech UK has the in-house experience to be able to mould the solution to your exact requirements.

Just because you have a complex process you don’t have to design your own spreadsheet-based workaround to allow you to maintain the quality records that keep you on the right side of your regulatory commitments.

Priority maintains and polices your sophisticated processes and Medatech UK have the expertise and industry-based experience to guide you through the complexities

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