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Fode Sylla

Head of Operations

Fode Sylla

Fode joined Medatech Team in 2015 and has been an Operations Manager here since 2018.

In this role, Fode oversees all aspects of Medatech ERP Implementations and leads the UK Development and Consultation Team. To ensure the growth and success of the teams, Fode has implemented various methodologies and processes to help deliver quality services with professionalism to our customers.

Fode’s deep understanding of technologies and business information systems is invaluable as we continue to expand our growth in the United Kingdom and work toward being a global Priority ERP software reseller. Fode has been a key leader in developing the usage of API’s and webhooks in third-party integration with Priority ERP.

Fode graduated with an MSc in Project management and a BSc in Business information technology from Southampton Solent University, along with a HND in Computer science from Cyprus American College.

Fode enjoys spending time with his family. His hobbies include DIY, self-surpassing exercises, and listening to music.


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