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Meir Gabay


Meir Gabay

Meir Gabay provides top level leadership. He firmly believes Medatech’s mission is to deliver a variety of creative, inclusive, and affordable solutions to satisfy customers dynamic IT needs. He started his career as a programmer before co-founding Medatech, he has 30 years’ experience in the IT world.

Upon founding Medatech as a two-man startup, Meir has supervised the company to sustainable and lasting growth while maintaining a focused and high level of service based approach. Meir developed and supervised Medatech’s unique customer-oriented implementation methodology and the company’s international growth strategy.

Meir holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and an MBA both from the Technion - Israel’s institute of technology. Meir shares his time between Israel and the UK, his hobbies include sailing and long distance running.


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