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Priority Software Financial Integrations

Taking a look into the financial integrations available for Priority Software, including Moneyhub, Finastra and Dokka.

Moneyhub and Customer Portal webinar

This webinar is focussed on the Medatech Customer Portal and Money Hub. The Medatech Customer Portal allows you to open your system to your customers, so that they can view their orders, shipments and invoices as well as create new orders. The new module is an easy to integrate plug in that will allow you to spend more time focussing on your business and less time reprinting documents or adding sales orders. MoneyHub enables you to automatically import transactions from your bank or financial institution directly into your Priority ERP, eliminating the need to import transactions manually. Once you've connected a bank feed, statement lines appear in your bank account in Priority ready for you to reconcile each day.

Priority ERP Financial Features

This presentation highlights the key financial features that Priority Software has to offer. This presentation also includes live demonstration.

Cash-flow Forecasting webinar

The power of Cash Flow Forecasting. Find out how you can use the standard priority tools to manage your business finances better:
Use the Cash Flow functionality to see how your business can benefit from the standard cash flow provisional entries and reporting tools

Focus on Revenue Recognition

Experience Priority’s advanced revenue recognition process automation! 

Get acquainted with Priority's advanced revenue recognition solution and start automating your processes with multiple recognition rules and parameters!

The revenue recognition module was developed on the basis of the ACS 606 accounting standard and offers a variety of benefits, including contractual obligations tracking, multi-method fair value determination, automated revenue recognition planning, performing actual recognitions, and forecasted and actual revenues report.

Integrate Priority with AccessPay to streamline your finance functions

The AccessPay solution allows you to seamlessly connect Priority (and any other systems) to your banking systems with an online hosted platform that will allow you to directly pay your suppliers and easily reconcile statements amongst other features.

AccessPay provides a secure digital connection to over 16,000 banks and payment schemes worldwide. The platform is used by thousands of companies, banks and other FinTechs to automate their payments, collections, and treasury processes. The integrated solution connects many back-office systems, including Priority Software, to your banking estate making your finance function a more efficient, more secure, end-to-end operation.

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