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Medatech User Conference 2022

Opening Session

Presented by Meir Gabay, Director

Discussing Medatech future plans, updates since the last user conference and the agenda for the day.

Priority Software new features

Presented by Iain Walsh, Sales Manager

Showcasing and explaining the new features in Priority from the latest versions including automation, personalisation and customisation features. This presentation includes live demonstration.

ValetPRO User Presentation

Presented by Simon Redgrove, Business Analyst

Simon Redgrove from ValetPRO talks Priority, where the business was before implementing and the results they have seen since working the Medatech.

Rees Machinery Group User Presentation

Presented by James Nicholls, Operations Manager

James Nicholls from Rees Machinery Group shares how Priority has shaped the businesses procedures and the positive results they have seen since implementing Priority Software.

Priority Mobile and Barcodes

Presented by James Wright-Smith, Account Manager

Medatech present features from Priority Mobile. How it can benefit your business from the shop floor, to your customers door.

Priority Software Financial Features

Presented by Christine Lidgey, Customer Service Manager

This presentation highlights the key financial features that Priority Software has to offer. This presentation also includes live demonstration.

Customer Portal & API Integrations

Presented by Fode K Sylla, Operations Manager

In this presentation Operation Manager Fode Sylla talks Medatech Customer Portal, API and webhooks and integrations within Priority Software.

Hints, Tips and Troubleshooting

Presented by Cherry Mallam, Support Desk Manager

This presentation includes the best Hints and tips to ensure you are using your Priority efficiently, also details of support and troubleshooting.

Capacity Planning

Presented by Phil Nicholls, Managing Director

MRP or Capacity Planning? in this presentation you can find out the difference between the two methods and see which is best for your business.

Hosting and Cloud Options

Presented by Meir Gabay, Director

Medatech Director Meir Gabay explains hosting vs cloud options and moving into the future.

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