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Hints & Tips

Navigation and Helpful Features

This month's webinar will focus on showing you how to utilize your system for speed, ease of use and accessibility. We will look at hotkeys, favourites menu, widgets, Form and menu design, actions, record colour and more. This webinar is aimed at all levels of users: Those that are not as comfortable navigating priority web or, veteran users who are interested in the features which already existed or have improved in v21. It should assist users in their everyday use of priority.

Hints and Tips in Priority

This session will focus on not only how to use Business Rules and Auto fill rules, but how to utilise them to improve your business processes, and how to utilise colours to give clear and obvious visual clues to your data.

Hints, Tips and Troubleshooting 

This presentation includes the best Hints and tips to ensure you are using your Priority efficiently, also details of support and troubleshooting.

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